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How It Works?

How We Work?​

Do you have your heart set on renovating your wooden flooring in Kingston upon Thames but aren’t sure how to get started? For homes and commercial properties in Kingston upon Thames, bringing in the experts from the Kingston upon Thames floor sanding and finishing company is the best choice you can make. Here we present a quick guide to how we work and what you can expect at every step of the process.



If we’re going to transform your wooden flooring we’ll have to take an expert look at it, so the first step is to contact us to book your free on-site visit. We have a friendly, expert team at the Kingston upon Thames wood floor sanding company, who will be happy to answer any questions at the same time.

Please look through a few customer Testimonials while you wait for the pre-arranged visit, and our online Gallery might help give you a few ideas as well.

Our assessor will check your flooring for defects such as damaged boards and gaps, and you’ll be able to discuss the type of effect you’re after as well.



Based on this inspection of the floor and chat about what you’re looking for, you’ll next receive a quote. We emphasise that this is the final figure you pay, and that the price will not suddenly start going up as ‘hidden extras’ rear their suspicious heads. This will be the final figure, guaranteed.



If you accept the quote and are happy about everything, our floor sanding team when they arrive by appointment will repair your floor to make it stable and then give it up to three sandings to make it smooth and clean to take the finish you’ve chose for it. Once the finish has been applied you’ll be handed your free cleaning kit and we’ll clean up and be on our way. The whole job will take a couple of days.

​Contact us at the KT1 Kingston upon Thames floor sanding team today to get the process rolling and you’ll have your attractive new wooden flooring in next to no time.

Go for the best – contact us today!