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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you maybe have a few nagging questions about floor sanding and finishing in Kingston upon Thames ? Probably so, and therefore we’ve compiled this list of the ones that have been most commonly put to us over the years. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help if yours are not included.


It’s our experience that whatever state your floor is in it can almost certainly be beautifully restored. Damaged and rotten floorboards can be replaced with fresh ones from sustainable sources and much of the ‘damage’ may just be superficial.

The dried paint stains and ground-in grime may actually form a protective layer for the fresh wood beneath, like the skin of a chrysalis. Once we’ve used our dust-free sanding machines to strip away these unattractive upper layers, you’ll see how great the protected wood underneath looks, all ready for applying an attractive finish.


Customers are naturally concerned about how long they’ll be inconvenienced, but there’s not much cause for worry here. For an average space in a house or office, such as a dining area or a hallway, we’ll take usually one day to sand it down and a further day to apply the varnish or other finish. The finish isn’t like paint – it needs time to properly cure the wood, and so you’ll need to leave the flooring undisturbed for another couple of days after we’ve finished and gone.

Concerning mess, there’ll be very little of this. We use advanced-design, dust-free equipment for sanding floors, and they retain most of the sand dust they generate. We also completely seal off other parts of the property as we work on a room’s flooring, and we clean up thoroughly before we leave. Mess is therefore not an issue that needs concern you.


Some of our customers are trying to get a ‘country cottage’ effect for their flooring and think that gaps and creaks will add to the charm. We however always recommend that gaps be filled in for a variety of reasons. Creaks and groans are not everyone’s cup of tea and most customers prefer to eradicate them.

More seriously, however, gaps in floorboards will set up draughts through the outer walls’ airbricks and the floor, especially on ground floors. This will allow heat to escape, be uncomfortable for the inhabitants and reflect in higher heating bills. It’s always best to have a sound, stable, sealed floor to sand down and take the varnish.


Of course you can tackle anything yourself, but if you’re looking for a professional finish you’ll leave it to the Kingston Upon Thames KT1 floor sanding and finishing team to do the work for you. All wooden floors are different and need different treatments to bring out the beauty of the wood. We use eco-friendly seals designed for the job and specialist fillers for repairing the flooring before sanding can even begin.

The actual sanding is a skilled process, acquired over years of experience. Not only can it be backbreaking work, but the machines themselves come in all varieties. Those from a hire shop cannot be expected to be either cutting-edge or dust-retentive, or well maintained either, simply because they’re always out ‘on the road’, making money for the shop. Our machines are the best in the business, retain practically all of the dust and give perfectly smooth results every time because they’re always well maintained.

Stains and other finishes also need to be expertly applied to give the desired result. We’ve seen wooden floors completely ruined because the finish has been inexpertly applied or is an inappropriate choice for that particular hardwood, making a mockery of the repairs and sanding even if these have been done quite well.

Leave it to the Kingston upon Thames wood floor sanding and finishing experts to get you the results you’re after. We’ve been doing this work for 20 years now, and believe us when we say that it’s not an impulse job for a wet Sunday afternoon!

Contact us at the Kingston upon Thames floor sanding team today to arrange for your free on-site assessment and to get the whole process moving.

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